CA White Tiger Tape Ball Cricket Bat

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This attractive cricket bat is an amazing addition to the CA sports bats family and like its other family members, it comes with an astounding bunch of specifications that compels a cricketer to opt-in this product. The name itself portrays a very strong and firm connotation, so this bat which is made from processed poplar willow which possesses a very classy exterior with the sky blue logo of the company inscribed on it. Also, its middle is thick which is a factor of comfort for the crazy batsmen who battle harsh bowling. It is lighter in weight and an ideal go-to product for tournaments. And the double-colored camo grip is there for extra hold. Moreover, the amalgamation of power-Tek technology enables batsmen to throw lengthy hits. So, carry it with grace and be the king of Jungle.


  • CA  White Tiger Power-Tek
  • Be the king of the jungle
  • Handcrafted popular willow
  • The thick middle for heavy hitters
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for tournaments
  • Double colored camo grip for extra hold
  • Layered with Power-Tek technology to give you extra power in the blade
  • Length is 34.5 Inches
  • Weight 800 gms